ETL505 – Module 2 Part 2

2.2 Other Tools and Systems

There’s actually not much to be said about this short sub-module.

I understand how crosswalks don’t necessarily give you an easy conversion, as I can relate it to foreign language learning.  Some things just don’t translate well word for word, especially idioms.  For example, we were watching Nailed It Mexico last night.  It’s a Spanish language program but has been overdubbed in English.  However, text on the screen is in Spanish, and translated with subtitles.  The screen read “unos momentos luego” which directly translates to “some moments later”, but was translated into the more familiar English phrase “A few moments later”.  Or, more obscurely, we could go with the phrase “patos malos” which directly translated means “bad ducks” but in Chilean slang means “thieves”.


Other Thoughts
WEMI diagram

I’ve been thinking about WEMI this past week, and I came up with a better analogy (for me to understand anyway).  For me, it makes more sense to explain it starting with a story that is “traditional” – that most likely came out of an oral tradition hundreds of years ago and is in the “public domain” with no known author.  In fact, an oral storytelling tradition would mean that there would be many different versions of the story before one was written down.  I made the diagram above based on the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and used the examples of the Walt Disney movie and the short story Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman.

I hope this helps someone else!

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