Monday Morning Week 5

This week will be very full since we have only four normal weekdays (before the Easter Long Weekend starts), I have module work to do AND two assignments to complete.

The plan for this week:

  • Ideally I would like to have my assignment for ETL503 completed today to submit for review by the ALLAN team. My husband proofread it for me last night and I have a few more changes I would like to make before submitting.
  • I need to work on my literature review for ETL401 and ideally have that ready for submission to the ALLAN team by the end of tomorrow.
  • I have Module 4 to begin for ETL401 and Module 3 to begin for ETL503, ideally I would like to have those modules both half completed by the end of the week.
  • Both assignments revised after ALLAN team feedback (this may happen on Saturday).
  • One GLAM podcast episode listened to.
  • A review post on Saturday (instead of Friday).

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