The Roles of the Teacher Librarian

The Roles of the Teacher Librarian
The Roles of the Teacher Librarian

This exercise asked us to look at the many and varied roles that teacher librarians take on in schools and how to prioritise the roles.  Personally, I think what takes priority will depend on the school context and the library context.  If your school expects you to teach each class every week your focus will necessarily shift more towards teaching than in a school where you are primarily a librarian and only called on to teach on specific occasions.  If you are the only library staff member, you will have to spend more time cataloging, shelving and the like than if you are part of a team of library staff.

Ideally our role would focus on collaboration with teaching staff, teaching literacy, research skills and digital literacy skills to form the basis of inquiry learning programs.  It will also involve promoting reading, connecting readers with books and outreach events into the school community.  Then, in all your “free time” you will spend time being an advocate, staying on top of relevant trends outside your own field and continuing professional development.


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