RE: Module 7: The future – digital learning tools and strategies

What tools and strategies will YOU be using in the future? Can you identify at least 6? Can you share ways that you may plan to adopt these and how you will be using them for your own professional workflow and/or for learning with students?

At the risk of committing myself to a few challenges, these are the areas that I would like to work on further:

Curation – Like Jacques, I am needing a better system for curation. I have been sending things to OneNote, but need from there to categorise and this has gone out the window. I have a Pearltrees account and was recently checking out Heather Bailie’s Pearltrees and think being a visual person, this might be the way forward for me.

Notes and workflow with colleagues – OneNote – we are using Office products quite intensively at my school and despite their limitations for Mac, I am finding OneNote to be my preferred note taking tool. Our team are documenting processes via OneNote and it is a great record of our work and a resource for the next time around. Great to be able to use it on my phone/tablet when I am out and about and I think of things to add.

LMS – At the moment we don’t have a specific LMS, but rather teachers upload assignments etc to an internal Sharepoint site. I am interested to see how Microsoft Classroom goes, as it is a likely next step.

Blogging – I am making a commitment right here that I am going to be a better blogger! This is the first unit since my first one (INF536) where regular blogging has been an assessment requirement and it has got me more in the mode of using this process. I am finding it really useful, to the point of recalling earlier experiences and wishing I had recorded posts about them, as I think much of my learning could be better consolidated by writing more often.

Global connections with students – This was a goal at the end of my last unit (ETL523) and I have made some progress, although now that I am not in the classroom, it is more a matter of helping and facilitating such experiences for others. Definitely a goal to work towards more.

Flipped classroom/instructional videos – motivated via my artefact, I have started making quite a few videos for my work. Noting Andrew Press’ Youtube channel set up I think I will set my channel up a bit more officially and upload my videos.