I have added this forum post to my blog so that it may be referenced for my current INF532 assignment.

You’ll be wanting to explore and use a range of curation tools. Try investigating tools that are new to you. Think about the techniques and workflow. If you already use some curation tools, you may like to try something else for comparison.

Record some of your discoveries, experiences and/or evaluations on your blog.

Through either my study or work, I think I have tested out a significant range of content curation products. I have pruned my use over time and now regularly use Twitter, Tweetdeck, Facebook (the ‘save link’ function is really useful), Instagram, Padlet, Pocket, Goodreads, Feedly, Flipboard, Pinterest, Evernote and OneNote. I am finding the “share to OneNote” a really useful function when I find resources, articles etc on Twitter, saving them to my OneNote for future reference and have probably now replaced my use of Pocket with OneNote.  I started an assignment in Storify last year (which regrettably I only remembered when I tried to set up a new account recently!!) and switched to Tackk.

Things I will investigate more …. I would like to investigate Storify more and I am also interested in IFTTT but have not got further than signing up. Symbaloo also looks useful.