Most software that I have used and taught with in the Arts and Design area has not been instructional. Although we have often accessed online tutorials in learning to use graphics software, the focus in my curriculum areas relates more to software as tools rather than instruction.  I have investigated some online options and have assembled the following possibilities:
Drill and Practice
Survey Monkey or Quiz Revolution could be used in Art and Design to create quizzes based on factual content. Although I have not used these for learning activities, I have used Survey Monkey for course evaluations. These programs are efficient and enable easy analysis of results.
I have found Photoshop Essentials, Tutsplus and Spoongraphics useful sites for tutorials to support learning in Photoshop and Illustrator. I have also developed my own tutorial videos to support specific learning and to flip lessons for students to build skills outside of class time. An important consideration with this option is accessibility for students with special needs; specifically students who are hearing impaired may need subtitles for video tutorial work.
Adobe Photoshop has the capacity to simulate a range of other artwork experiences. It is possible to create the appearance of a sepia or black and white photograph, to replicate the appearance of an oil painting, pencil or pastel drawing etc.
Instructional games
Artsology is a website that provides a range of arts related games and activities. Some require printing and others are very basic but there are some engaging and somewhat educational activities on the site. The free “Art Curator” app  is also an instructional game, with a problem solving component requiring a careful look at artworks to spot differences between the real version and a copy.
Problem Solving
The game development application that I plan to use for Assignment Two, Gabu Studio requires considerable creative problem solving to design and develop games. Also included on the developer’s site are tutorials in using the application.
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Photoshop Essentials
Gabu Studio
Google Play
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Survey Monkey