For this post I have focused on the affordances of the technology used for Assignment One. DMD Topic is an application that allows users to select an image, zoom in to chosen aspects and create a 30 second voice recording over the image. Wix is a free online website builder.

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Affordances of these technologies include:
DMD Topic – allows creation of voice recording over image, although the output is only through the creation of a link and the recorded file is not transferable to other destinations online or uploadable elsewhere
Wix allows the creation of a basic or fully functional website, accessible online with link
DMD Topic limits recording time to 30 seconds, which can constrain deeper image analysis
Wix allows considerable freedom of arrangement although some aspects of web design templates limit complete choice in this regard
DMD Topic – easy voice record touch screen, created link provides easy access to final recorded file online
DMD Topic is a basic application with logical sequencing of process through application
Wix allows the creation of links between pages and allows users to create an easily navigated design of their choice.
DMD Topic – allows zoom on an image during recording to emphasise desired aspects
Wix allows complete chocie about site structuring and therefore emphasis is determined by the designer
DMD Topic is structured to combine use of image and voice. Recorded files cannot be embedded elsewhere, although the link can
Wix allows upload of media content and links both within the designed site and to other sites as directed. Extensive apps, widgets and social media linking is available.
DMD Topic – Link can be provided and viewed without login to the app or site (with a choice to remain unlisted and therefore only viewed via the link)
Wix – Published link can be made public or private; however, site is hosted on the Wix domain unless a premium domain is purchased
Both technologies are free and readily available and with provision of links provide ease of sharing with others
Wix can be signed up via social media which may be blocked in some schools, therefore in a school context it is advisable to create login credentials via email.
DMD Topic -available on multiple mobile device platforms, with easy upload to DMD site with provision of link
Wix – available online via cloud with internet access on any device. Wix pics app allows easy image upload from mobile device
DMD Topic – logical process and basic, clear interface
Wix – extensive options and analytics
Wix – interface is very easy to navigate and extensive video tutorials and online troubleshooting is available
Both technologies are aesthetically well arranged and allow the creation of visually appealing end products
DMD Topic – in testing of app and links no issues have been experienced
Wix provides version save options and users can reload a previous version if something crashes (rarely happens)

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