So it would seem I am a little bit crazy as I am embarking on the beginning of another unit of study that will take me through to the start of school next year! Whilst trying to finish up one role as Year 12 coordinator (final assessments, reports, graduation, formal etc still to come), I am also trying to prepare to start a new role in a new college for the beginning of the 2015 school year.

I thought this unit would be a good one to tackle at this point as I am needing to get my head in the game at my new school where all students have IPads, self-directed learning is built into the timetable and the goal is to really think outside the square. This is a big leap from my current, more traditional college and one that I am hoping this unit will assist me in preparing for. I am hoping to integrate IPad technology for the first assignment so will be investigating the possibilities for apps related to arts/design education. However as my new school is still in the early growth phase I will be teaching out of area for some time so considering other curriculum areas could also be an option.  I am very open to ideas and suggestions at this point as this will be a new avenue for me.

I am hoping to complete my manic report writing this weekend so that I can more wholeheartedly immerse myself in ESC515 in the next week.