Doorley & Witthoft (2012 p.30) impress upon us that space is something that can create an impact on the way we learn, work and play immediately. So, starting with what you have, make a change. In your learning environment, is there an empty space? Find one, take it and transform it, quickly. You might consider making a pop-up learning space from scratch for a short period of time, or adapting an existing space in a small way with the goal of making a difference to learning. Share your ideas or inspiration in the Forum.

What did you change or transform quickly in your learning environment?

Following my reading and hunt for ideas for our tasks I am seeing my classroom spaces with new eyes and an awareness of where they are falling far short of functioning as they could.

We have just received a dedicated ceramics classroom back that had been commissioned as the school canteen during our recent renovation. When I arrived for my first class in this room this week I discovered that the planned projector has not been installed, there is no whiteboard, the Year 8 ceramics class have no devices for research and the classroom shelves had only some very dated periodicals. I used paper, a marker and my own laptop with gathered students to deliver what I had planned and then realised this was a good space to reconsider.

Display is probably art teacher 101, but this white and grey space really needed (and still needs) a lift. I chose some good books and magazines to display on mini easels (as it is a rare day that my students would actually look through an unengaging bookshelf), added some examples of ceramic work and displayed a series of relevant images on some very plain concrete pillars (which I had amazingly never noticed before). Additionally, I have asked my students to find some images that inspire them which we will print and add to our display in our next lesson. Images are in the Flickr group.