gym layout

 This is rough sketch of my gym layout. I thought this space was an interesting one in the context of designing for a reason, as most of the equipment in this space was part of a pre-existing gym in another, much larger space. When the owners were forced to move  to this smaller premises, they needed to plan very carefully around two main critical factors:

1. Ensuring there was adequate space between the various pieces of equipment for relative ease of movement and importantly for safety of users

2. Ensuring that adequate equipment was provided to ensure that members could continue to work with their preferred/necessary exercises

Added to this, they needed to ensure that all areas of the gym were visible on CCTV to maintain security requirements and to create a somewhat logical order to where equipment is located.

Over the time since the relocation there have been times when equipment has been moved or eliminated as the owners have continued to problem solve the small space. This has led to some user frustration and initial loss of some memberships, although it is steadily rebuilding now. I have on many occasions marveled at the fact that they have managed to meet the critical concerns numbered above quite well. Although the proximity is at times quite cosy, which may not be ideal, the placement of all machines in the tight space has been very well organised to ensure that whilst in use, no machine impacts on the use of another.

Other aspects that show that design has been given careful consideration:

  • Door that closes behind members on entry as required for the club security
  • Shelving space at entry for belongings
  • Cardio equipment at the front, allowing easy access for warm-up
  • Office right inside the door of the public entry (staffed during usual business hours – public door also open at this time)
  • Drink machine near member entry/exit
  • easily accessible bathrooms with a wall to separate from main gym space
  • ‘Express’ machine line – close to front, designed for patrons looking for a quick weight workout (I forgot to mark this on the drawing, but it is just in front of the bikes)
  • Flooring considerations depending on use of space, eg. padded/carpeted floor for main weight training areas

In regards to a purpose that may have been harnessed for another reason, there are quite a few ways that I have noticed people improvise when they have found a desired machine to be missing.