ALA-USA Social Work Forum

A compilation of resources for the Family Violence sector

Upcoming publication from Beth Wahler
Creating a Person-Centred Library, Wahler & Johnson (2023) ABC-CLIO

The Urban Library Trauma Study (ULTS)

A movie called The Public is about After learning that emergency shelters are at full capacity when a brutal Midwestern cold front makes its way to Cincinnati, a large group of homeless library patrons led by Jackson (Michael Kenneth Williams) refuse to leave the downtown public library at closing time. What begins as a nonviolent Occupy-style sit-in and ragtag act of civil disobedience quickly escalates into a standoff with local riot police, led by a no-nonsense crisis negotiator (Alec Baldwin) and a savvy district attorney (Christian Slater) with lofty political ambitions, all as two librarians (Emilio Estevez and Jena Malone) are caught in the middle.

Australian Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics

New Zealand Social Workers code of ethics

Fremantle Library’s partnership with St Patricks

On the topic of language from Bryony Shannon in the UK

The use of non-judgemental language

Incident reporting guidance

The Micropedia of Microagressions

The Power of Words Practical Guide

Rough Speak (book):

The Auckland Co-Design Lab:Designing for equity and intergenerational wellbeing: Te Tokotoru

The Centre for Social Impact Restorative Systems


Littman, D. M. (2021). Third place theory and social work: Considering collapsed places. Journal of Social Work, 21 (5), 1225–1242.