Week 1 Reflections – After the intro

I have only just commenced this unit today and navigated through the subject outline and introduction, but already have so many points to reflect on. I’m assuming that is related to a combination of both the expectation that this will be an interesting and engaging topic and my own interest in gamification, game based learning and the distinction and applications of these, especially in the vocational education and training (VET) sector where I work.

Wall (2019) outlines the importance of this unit to consider the applications, challenges and opportunities of games in an educational setting. It was thought-provoking to read in this introduction that one of the reasons game based learning is looked upon with interest is because we traditionally use and associate games with our leisure time (Wall, 2019).

The first video provided was an excellent introduction to the importance of games for learning (Extra Credits, 2014). The four essential 21st Century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity were discussed and then linked to skills that develop when playing games. Extra Credits (2014) highlighted the challenge for individuals and critics of game based learning was the realising the transference of these four essential skills from a game to real world integration. Teachers using games in classrooms were recognised as assisting with this transference of skills by the video. A final reflective point from the Extra Credits video (2019) for me was that the four essential skill discussed cannot be learnt by rote, but only by experience, an opportunity afforded by playing games.

The list of games and tools provided in the unit introduction (Wall, 2019) highlighted how much game based learning is often targeting the K-6 audience. Personally, I am very interested to research and investigate the applicability and opportunities for game based learning in VET. My initial opinion is that game based learning can be very risky in the VET sector and must be well planned and delivered in order to be well received. I am looking forward to delving into this preconception and trialling possible appropriate examples of game based learning.


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