26th June, 8am-12pm, Port Macquarie campus

Dr Prue Gonzalez
(Environmental Sciences Associate Lecturer)
The Living Campus: come and experience hands-on how Port Macquarie campus plays a part in sustainable environmental inclusion as a living laboratory

Kellie Smyth (Academic – Professional Learning Lead) & Nicole Mitchell (Lecturer and Educational Designer)
Flip it so you can reserve your time with the students for the richest learning experiences & Creating ‘active’ learning spaces, let’s feast on a menu of ideas

Note: Please bring your mobile device to this session.

Dr Natalia Bilton & Clare Chapman
(Lecturer in Human Anatomy and Physiology)
Create learning activities with minimal time and cost to increase student engagement and retention –a lesson from neuroscience

Phillip Ebbs & Samantha Burbidge
(Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine and lecturer in Paramedicine)
More than just learning with state of the art spaces: it’s all about the relationship of place, people and content together

Dr Bruce Stenlake
(GLO manager, Learning Academy)
Students becoming agent of change

Phillip Hua
Learning Spaces Educational Lead (Lecturer)
Putting students as the main character of the learning story

Local and international students (Charles Sturt University)
A call to adventure, student’s learning narrative in life and higher education

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