Artefact Reflection

Social media in your classroom is a short video written, designed and produced by Margaret Simkin. Margaret used the web based application, Video Scribe, which enables users to create whiteboard-style animations with little design or technical know-how. I am unsure as to Margaret’s capability with digital animation tools; however, Margaret has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the nature and features of Video Scribe as the digital tool utilised to create this Knowledge Network (KN) artefact.

The artefact is easily accessible via YouTube. Margaret’s voice recording is clear and the background music is upbeat without detracting from the positive messages being given. Her choice of vocabulary cleverly mixes contextual language clear messages and benefits of social media for learning. The style of narration is engaging while being both professional and personable at the same time.

Margaret’s KN explains social media to be an elixer which acts as a magical potion which harnesses the power of online collaboration which turns pedagogy into peeragogy. The point is clearly made that social media is a great enabler of learning beyond the boundaries of traditional schooling. In doing so, there is a great use of varied graphics and interesting visuals to re-inforce the text and positive messages inherent in the video. On occasions, there may be too much time between graphics and it is also noted that when transferring from one animation to the next, the previous slides could still be seen in the corner of the screen. However, the KN topic is clear and for the target audience and includes some elements that encourage learner engagement.

Overall, the artefact demonstrates the application of the theory to practice. Possibly there could have been some more exploration and explanation of the benefits of blogging; for example, some of the comments and reflections that come with blog posts. In saying that, the artefact demonstrates a clear understanding of the five C’s which comes with using social media to amplify learning by transferring important literacy and numeracy skills in a multi-modal way.

Thank you Margaret for your expertise in producing an artefact which is interesting and engaging which encourages educators to connect as well as explore and develop their professional learning through social media.


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