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Yesterday, I received an invite from Jon Andrews @jca_1975 to participate in the #learningfrontiers forum on Twitter. Through @aitsl , Jon arranged an ‘active forum’ for one hour between 8 & 9 pm on Wednesday 19 March 2014. At around 8 pm educators from around Australia jumped onto Twitter, entered #learningfrontiers in the search tool and PRESTO, we were instantly connected in a virtual discussion room for the next hour.

Jon was invited by @aitsl to lead the forum by posing questions. As host, host Jon types in thw question starting with “Q1” and concluded his 140 character tweet with the hashtag #learningfrontiers.  When responding, people led with “A1” and also included #learningfrontiers in the response.

Jon’s first question was…. “Engagement is a community priority. Give E.G’s of HOW Sch L’drs & community partners create conditions for engagement?” The next 3 questions can be seen in the picture below.

Questions for #learningfrontiers 19 March 2014

The hour long forum was frenetic, inspiring, affirming, enriching, challenging and engaging – all in one! In that time I offered responses to questions, had some of my tweets retweeted, retweeted the tweets of others, answered one tro one questions put to me by forum participants, and also had my tweets favourited.

As part of this forum, I also engaged in ‘side conversations’. At one point I was offering colleagues a copy of our Pedagogy Leader Role Description. At another point, I shared a link to a video clip with @danhaesler & @stringer_andrea about teachers as coaches. From that conversation I was introduced to a blog which, in turn, saw me send the following email to @materdeiwagga teachers…..

Hello All,

Following on from our metaphor for this year ‘TEACHER AS COACH”, I found this when participating in the most recent #learningfrontiers forum on Twitter.
In the spirit of Professional Learning, it would be great if you responded to this blog. However, just reading the blog for 30 seconds or less would be great.

As part of the Forum, I was introduced to some excellent initiatives occurring in schools across the country. One of them included a school where teachers invited students to the Department Meetings. So, with a title of “Random Idea”, I sent this email to teachers…..

Hello All,

What about inviting students to the KLA Meetings next week?
Leave it with you.

No doubt I will get some interesting looks from teachers when I get up to speak at briefing in the morning.

In conclusion, #learningfrontiers reaffirmed my strong belief that Twitter offers an excellent professional learning network for anyone who wishes to participate in this virtual learning community. People are encouraging and supportive but also ask questions which challenge and occasional disturb me, in a good way!



3 thoughts on “A Great Forum on Twitter

  1. Thank you Greg! People really don’t ‘get’ twitter and it’s with chats (learningfrontiers & #satchatoc) and blogs like yours that highlight the benefits. I so appreciate educators’ contributions as they not only confirm my pedagogical beliefs but also challenge them.

  2. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for including the link on twitter. I read through some of the storify version of the #learningfrontiers chat. Very interesting. I love your idea to include students in a KLA Meeting but can imagine some teachers would be a little surprised!
    Also loved your tweet about your French teacher. I teach Japanese and it is great to see a Principal who appreciates LOTE. I was told by one principal that I worked for that my teaching basically consisted of “rote learning and flash cards”.
    I’m slowing getting my head around twitter and beginning to see how many opportunities it can create for us as teachers! Great post!

  3. Ohhh, something which I can actually see being useful for twitter and in a real supportive setting. (I’ve struggled so far with this idea)

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