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Activity 1: sharing digital citizenship and DLE ideas

My notes and reflections so far…

My existing definition of digital citizenship includes the descriptors that Greenhow (2010) presents from her brief study amongst teenagers. A good digital citizen should use digital communication technologies in a safe, legal, ethical and responsible manner. However after reading Greenhow (2010), I feel that I need to expand my definition to include positive participation in a globalised digital environment.

Digital Citizenship (1)

I believe digital citizenship is important and that I should model it for my students and colleagues. At this early stage of ETL523, the nine elements of digital citizenship by Ribble, Bailey and Ross that Greenhow (2010) lists would contribute to an informed, publicly engaged digital citizen. The nine elements are: digital etiquette, digital communication, digital access, digital literacy, digital commerce, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness and digital security. The nine elements are described in more detail here

Up until now the direction that I have taken personally and professionally is rudimentary and tends to translate behaviours from the physical library and school environment to the digital environment. At school the focus is on acknowledging sources in bibliographies, avoiding plagiarism, the importance of copyright and cybersafety.

This word cloud contains terminology related to digital citizenship from the reading so far.

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Greenhow, C. (2010). New concept of citizenship for the digital age. Learning & Leading with Technology, 37(6), 24-25.