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Getting Started with my Masters

I graduated with my Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – Library and Information Studies degree in 1993. The world wide web was in its infancy as I embarked on my library career. Most of my early digital learning took place on the job by reading, attending conferences and experimenting with new tools and technologies. It was an exciting time to be involved in education and libraries. As part of my professional learning I did a number of online courses and found that they were suited to my learning style. I caught the travel bug in my twenties and took up photography as a hobby about ten years ago so these pursuits, along with my work have kept me busy and very happy. Last year I felt it was time for a new challenge, the time seemed right to return to study. The general Masters of Education courses offered by other universities didn’t appeal to me greatly, so I was excited when I started investigating the Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). Nervous but extremely excited about getting my Masters started.

Lake McKenzie

Ready to get my feet wet. Photograph by Karen Malbon