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Digital Storytelling Topic Proposal


Creative Commons for beginners



My intention with this digital story is to introduce students and teachers to the concept of Creative Commons and to demonstrate how to find materials that use Creative Commons licenses. My audience is senior students undertaking their Victorian Certificate of Education and their teachers.

The ISTE Standards for Students require students to ethically use information from a variety of sources (2015). Teacher Librarians have a role to play in modeling good digital citizenship and educating students about their responsibilities. While some teachers may be aware of Creative Commons, there are others that have not been exposed to the concept.

I will use images, video and text to create a digital artifact with Animoto that can be shared on the library website and played via the library’s digital signage screen. Animoto also allows for sharing via social media and can be embedded into a blog where interaction with the user may occur. Canva will be used to design original content for use in Animoto. I will use my own photographs and Creative Commons material.

Non-fiction storytelling is widespread in marketing and public relations. My challenge with this subject matter is to make the story engaging to the audience (Alexander, 2011).


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