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Case Study Proposal

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Proposal topic

What search methods, tools and repositories are teacher librarians in Australia and the United States of America using to discover Open Educational Resources (OER) and how are they curating and promoting OER to teachers in senior secondary schools? Do the strategies employed by teacher librarians differ between countries?

Description of the project 

Open educational resources (OER) were first embraced by higher education institutions at the start of the 21st century (Kompar, 2016) and have been used in many secondary schools over the last decade. School librarians are experienced at identifying quality resources and are perfectly placed to be leaders in the discovery, curation and promotion of OER. With the introduction of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the United States, OER has become a key initiative for resourcing the curriculum (Welz, 2017) but I do not believe this is the case in Australia.

Expected outcomes of the project 

Provide teacher librarians, that may or may not have experience with OER, insight into how other school librarians are managing the evolving area OER. It is expected that a range of strategies, tools and repositories will be identified and described. The use of OER in Australian and American school libraries will be explored and any differences in adoption of OER will be explained. The project hopes to encourage teacher librarians to be leaders in supporting OER and Creative Commons initiatives in their schools (Welz, 2017).

Case study plan 

Literature review – Week 5 and 6
Conduct a literature search to learn more about the history and current use of OER in higher education and secondary education. Look for recent and current examples of strategies, tools and repositories being used by teacher librarians in secondary schools. Gather documents such as library websites, Libguides and curation tools to examine.

Prepare interviews – Week 7
Formulate questions and prompts that will generate conversation about OER with interviewer and interviewee.  

Recruit participants – Week 7
Recruit six teacher librarians/school librarians (three from Australia and three from the United States) from my professional learning network to interview. Arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct interviews in person or using Google Hangout or Skype.

Conduct interviews – Week 9 and 10
Record or use screen capture to capture interview for transcription purposes.

Write – Week 11, 12 and 13
Integrate data from documents and interviews and write-up case study.