Learning a New Language

The first few readings of module 1 introduced me to a new language, the language of video games. The language of video games is new to me and there are so many acronyms; ARG, MMO, MMORGP, LARP, COTS, DLG, DGBL, GBL etc. I had to consult Wikipedia on more than one occasion to understand the readings. Video Games have their own literacy and we bring our own experience to them (Gee, 2012, March 21). My experience is limited so I have a steep learning curve ahead of me to understand the ludology (discipline that studies games) and the shared cultural background that people who play games have (Montola, 2012). I think an old fashioned glossary that I can continually add to, created with a newer technology, Google Docs might be helpful during INF541.

Edutopia [User name]. (2012, March 21). James Paul Gee on Learning with Video Games [Video File]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/JnEN2Sm4IIQ

Mäyrä, F., Holopainen, J., Jakobsson, M., & Montola, M. (2012). Social constructionism and ludology. Simulation & Gaming, 43(3), 300–320.

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