Digital Curation and Storify

I have been experimenting with curation tools for many years. The urge to organise information and collections is part of being a Teacher Librarian. Teacher Librarians are experienced in finding, selecting, evaluating and sharing print and digital collections. As Valenza says human filters, such as librarians can turn overwhelming amounts of information into “gentle and continuous streams” (2012, para 2). The prevalence of digital curation tools in recent years means that digital collections can be shared in highly visual ways. A good example of this is in the right frame of my blog where I have my Pearltrees embedded.

A great blog post by Kay Oddone appeared in my Feedly feed last month that sowed the seed for my digital artefact proposal. Kay’s blog post spoke about the need for not only Teacher Librarians to be curators but for them to get their students involved too. As a networked learner, I commented on Kay’s blog post and even got to interact with curation guru Robin Good!

Storify is a tool that is commonly mentioned in the literature as a good digital curation tool for students. I had dabbled with it before for compiling tweets at conferences but I wanted to explore it further. Using Storify I followed a tip that Joyce Valenza mentioned in a video about social media curation at the Cue 2016 National Conference. Her tip was to search within curation tools. It sounds obvious but it was not something that I was doing all that often. I found a few gems that I had not discovered by doing a Google search by searching within Storify. See below for my Storify experiment.



Valenza, J. K. (2012). Curation. School Library Monthly, 29(1).

2 Comments on Digital Curation and Storify

  1. Emma
    September 22, 2016 at 4:14 am (5 years ago)

    I have played around with Storify too Karen and although it is an effective tool, as you’ve displayed here for teaching and sharing, I haven’t found it to be that user friendly. When you talk about searching within Storify, do you mean searching for content or searching for other premade storify stories? Did you carefully plan this out or was it something that evolved as you went? Sorry for all of the questions!!!

    September 22, 2016 at 5:44 am (5 years ago)

    Hi Emma
    I meant searching for content. I experimented by clicking on the icons in the top right of the Storify screen and searching for digital curation. For example I clicked on the YouTube icon and searched for videos, then I clicked on Flickr and repeated the search, then google etc. Along the way I included any relevant media that I found by dragging and dropping. I had a few items in mind before I created this Storify but it mostly evolved as I was learning how to use it. I played around and changed the order of items to improve the flow a few times. While Storify is classified as a curation tool, I think it really is more a storytelling and presentation tool that happens to use the skills of curation to put together. I hope this makes sense?