Creative Spaces

The creative office spaces featured in this module five provide diverse, flexible and safe spaces for employees. Collaboration is very important and the physical proximity of teams is a high priority, however there is an awareness that different activities require a variety of spaces for the best outcomes. Open, semi-open and closed spaces are available to meet different needs, while communal spaces such as kitchens and cafes allow for chance encounters and informal discussions.


Productivity drives business and Google believes human performance is influenced by space, culture and well-being. They gather data, measure and analyse the user experience of their employees in order to improve and therefore be more innovative and productive. Office space for startups needs to be functional and low cost. Flexible solutions and input from employees   may be a necessary to make the best out of a difficult or compromised space.


Creative industries try to provide a safe place for employees where mistakes, critique and feedback are part of the learning process and this contributes to the culture of the company. Other attributes that can contribute to the culture of a creative company involve their products/services, leadership, sustainability and well-being. A newly designed place may not be successful if employees are not consulted, given choices or given the opportunity to provide feedback.


Key lessons from creative office space design that could inform learning environments:
  • Flexibility
  • Proximity and adjacencies
  • Community
  • Visibility of information and thinking
The culture and pedagogy of a school will determine how successfully spaces are used for learning. Without professional development and consultation, a new open and collaborative learning setting may not be embraced by some staff and students. Tensions may exist between how things were done in the past and how they fit in or do not fit into a new environment.


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