Playing with Digital Space

I am applying the iterative process of needfinding, ideation and prototyping (Seidel & Fixson, 2013) to a digital space in my school library.

I have observed how other public and school libraries use digital signage screens to convey information to their users. I gathered these insights and brainstormed my own ideas. The ICT Department was receptive to me wanting to know about the digital signage system and offered to train me in the use of the software.

Once I knew what the software would allow me to do, I sketched a layout of a screen template on a piece of paper. I then played and experimented with the software to try and replicate my layout. Trial and error helped me to become more familiar with the software interface.


Prototype of digital signage screen

I now have a prototype screen layout. The layout is basic but I want to test it on the screen and get some feedback before I proceed further and invest more time and resources. If my prototype does not appeal to library users, the design will need to be changed (Kuratko, 2012). So while I still have a way to go, I have used the iterative process to make a good start.


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