The Boat – Interactive Graphic Novel

I am prone to sea sickness and the opening scene of the SBS interactive graphic novel of The Boat made me a little queasy. Multimodal texts are very new to me and I was captivated by the interplay of illustrations, images, sound and motion.


After reading/viewing the interactive graphic novel, I read the story in the original printed book of the same name by Nam Le . The short story is about fifty pages long and the interactive contains far fewer words than this. I was surprised by how much of the detail in the story was conveyed using less words in the interactive graphic novel. The sound, images, illustrations and motion made up for the lack of words in creating a mood, setting the scene and aiding the narrative.


With auto scrolling the interactive graphic novel runs for twenty minutes or you have the option of scrolling at your own pace. At any point you can go backwards and forwards. There are also side stories that you can explore at various points. This is a very powerful story for older readers that is enhanced by the interactive graphic novel format.


Further Reading and viewing

The Boat by Nam Le


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