Social Networking and Libraries – OLJ Task

Table 1: Comparision of social networking tools and use at three libraries

Social Networking Activities Melbourne Library Service (Public) Melbourne High School Library (School) The University of Melbourne Library (University)
Promote events and services Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Promote the collection Facebook, Twitter, Flickr Facebook Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Report on events Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr Facebook Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Share photographs & video Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Share/link to external information Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Link to library guides and tutorials Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Initiate conversations Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Competitions Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Respond to feedback Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter
Link to blog Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter

My reasons why libraries should be on social media:

  • Advertise library events and services
  • Promote the library collection
  • Report on library events
  • Extend the reach of the library
  • Communicate, interact and connect with library users
  • Educate library users

According to the Pew Research Centre, 74% of adults use a social networking site and 71% of teens use more than one social network site. Social media is a big part of people’s lives now so “ideally, libraries will match these evolving options to their user’s technology preferences and information-seeking behaviors so that they can provide optimal user experience” (Hofschire & Wanucha, 2014, p. 9). The three libraries above are adapting by moving beyond their physical spaces and attempting to connect and communicate with their users using social media. Library news that traditionally would have appeared in a newsletter or on a bulletin board is now communicated widely using these new channels. Melbourne Library service advertised their booksale, Melbourne High School shared a link to their blog that contained a report of a recent library event, The University of Melbourne shared library tips to educate their users. All libraries posed questions to initiate try and discussion and used images to highlight their events, services and collections.


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