Library 2.0 – OLJ Task

Although the video Building Academic Library 2.0 is aimed at academic libraries, there is valuable advice for other library sectors. As a teacher librarian at a secondary school I found the following five key pieces of advice by Meredith Farkas applied to my situation.

Use 2.0 tools to highlight collections
Screencasting is excellent for creating “how to” guides. I currently use screencast-o-matic to produce my screencasts. Animoto is a great tool for promoting aspects of the library collection. Colleagues of mine use it to make book trailers. I would like to explore Animoto in more detail for my library. I like the idea of combining all videos created by the library on YouTube. Curation tools can improve access to online material. I have used  for VCE English text resources and I am about to investigate curation tools in more depth for my INF506 assignment.

Don’t focus just on technologies
It is important to provide a variety of resources. This is important in schools where students have diverse learning needs. To appeal to different audiences it is necessary to promote collections and services with a combination of technology, posters, brochures, written guides and printed booklists.

Develop a risk tolerant culture
Farkas (2007) said “We don’t have to get it perfect”. This piece of advice is reassuring and I would like to share it with my colleagues. Too often I put off doing something because I am not satisfied that it is perfect and then it never gets done. My new mantra will be to take action, evaluate and make changes.

Collect knowledge internally
This is an area I would like to improve in my work situation as knowledge is currently scattered with library staff spread over different campuses. Policy, procedures and training documentation could be shared using Google Drive or perhaps a wiki. My colleagues and I could share bibliographies, booklists, teaching ideas and more.

Time must be devoted to all this library 2.0
Time is always the enemy but it is essential in developing competency with web 2.0. Professional Learning is valued at my school so library staff could focus on certain web 2.0 tools. Staff should be given the opportunity to demonstrate tools at meetings and encouraged to collaborate on projects.


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