Evaluating Professional Learning


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Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s (n.d.) ‘The essential guide to learning: evaluation’ for provides a powerful framework to use when conducting professional learning. It correctly seeks to measure growth in terms of impact on the student, organisation and individual teacher (p. 3). While Hattie (2011) stresses the complete focus on student improvement, I believe that improvements to the organisation and individual are undervalued.


The most important aspects of evaluating professional learning are establishing the processes whereby growth will be measured. The guiding questions on the initial page of the AITSL’s (n.d.) ‘The essential guide to learning: evaluation’ provide a starting point for those planning professional learning. These questions include:


  • Is the evaluation of professional learning driven by clear and measurable goals for improvement?


  • When will the evaluation of professional learning take place?


  • How will you determine which qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered for the evaluation of professional learning?


  • How will the results of the evaluations be used to inform ongoing planning for professional learning?


Without having clear methods of evaluation, your/a school’s progress will be difficult if not impossible to measure. Based on these readings, the main learning is to rigorously plan and incorporate these points of data collection and analysis into your professional development timeline.



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