September 2017 archive

Reflecting on the survey process


The survey that has been sent out to the year 12 students has been closed off. Of the cohort, sixty responses were able to be collated. Before I start to really analyse the data, I thought that it was important to air some thoughts regarding the survey.


So here we go.


I seemed to have a number of students expressing concerns about the difficulty of the survey. This wasn’t that it was challenging academically, but students seemed to have problems interpreting some of the vocabulary. On several days while the survey was active, I was approached by students who remarked:


“That survey was really hard. We’re not that smart. I didn’t know what half the words meant.”


“I didn’t know what some of the words meant so I stopped. Do you want me to do it even though I didn’t understand some of it?”

“Stich up. That survey was really hard”



This problem was raised during peer feedback of my survey. Jacques du Toit suggested that students may have difficulty accessing the vocabulary. While I did make several amendments to ISTE’s Student Standards (of which the survey is based), I thought that I needed to maintain the survey’s integrity by drawing form them closely and thereby enabling a clear comparison.

I wonder what impact this will have on the cohort’s results? In particular, sections centering on computational thinking had several terms students may have been unfamiliar with.


I’m looking forward to analysing the data.