Digital Native and Immigrants



On Digital Immigrants, Prensky (2001) writes: “My own favorite example is the “Did you get my e-mail?” phone call. Those of us who are Digital Immigrants can, and should, laugh at ourselves and our ‘accent’(p.3)”

When thinking of some staff members at my school, I can picture them saying things like this or a modern equivalent ‘did you get the file I shared with you via Google docs’. Ironically, what I can also picture is a plethora of students with confused looks on their faces. These are students born into a digital world yet deeply struggle to adapt to the changing technology.

My thoughts are more in line with Haigh’s conclusion that:

                 there’s no evidence of a clear-cut digital divide. Use of technology varies with age,                  but it does so predictably, over the whole age span. And secondly, although                            younger people are more likely to be positive about technology, there is evidence                    that a good attitude to technology, at any age, correlates with good study habits                      (para. 18).

This may be a more trendy thing to say, but I put more stock into Dweck’s ‘Growth Mindsets’. If unfamiliar with her work, check out this TED talk as an introduction.



Teachers and students with fixed mindsets alike will have difficulty picking up new concepts whereas a growth mindset will enable development through effort.  


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  1. Jessica Hartung
    January 20, 2016 at 12:36 am (5 years ago)

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for your post. I agree with your comments and greatly appreciate the link you had shared. I was not familiar with Dweck’s work and really enjoyed the video. Very positive.


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