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I contributed to two presentations at the conference over the weekend, one as part of our school library team on “Making the invisible visible” which was how through the use of posters, placeholders and QR codes we try to show our patrons and users what our digital tools and resources are.  The other was to highlight some aspects of INF533 on digital literature and to encourage teacher librarians to think about how digital story telling could be incorporated into library programs or at least to build some awareness of its potential.

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My presentation is here (my other professional blog), and I also put up some resources and further reading as I only had a 5 minute presentation!


I’m currently living in Singapore, which the latest in a long line of places I’ve been living in the last few years including Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, and South Africa. I’m married with two children, aged 14 and 13. Having lived around the world I’ve acquired quite a few languages and my big passion is bi/multi-lingualism and - culturalism, which I try to incorporate into my work, learning and essays wherever possible! I finished my MIS degree in December 2014 and I'm currently enrolled in M Ed (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation). My murky past is in commerce and industry as a Chartered Accountant, doing a lot of random studying and learning and I’m currently working in an International School following the PYP method in the primary division serving students K-6. Previously I worked in a secondary library of another international school, on a part-time basis, as a reference librarian. Since I LOVE social media, this is where you can find me: My (other) blog is: http://informativeflights.blogspot.com/ Paperli: https://paper.li/deschatjes/1387886085 Flipboard: https://flipboard.com/profile/nadinebailey754 Library Guides: http://research.uwcsea.edu.sg/language http://cis.libguides.com/TKlibrary/home

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