School Librarian Connection Conference Hong Kong

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to attend some professional development in Hong Kong, SCHOOL LIBRARIAN CONNECTION created and co-ordinated by the super-librarian Dianne McKenzie of LibraryGrits fame (subscribe to her blog – it keeps me learning and thinking inbetween formal conference opportunities – she also writes some very interesting reflections as part of her COETAIL learning experience in “Wagging my Coetail”).

All the presentations were excellent, and Dianne had done a great job on creating themes around which the presentations were grouped. We also had the very talented Maggie Appleton doing some visual note taking (see below)

Image by Maggie Appleton

Image by Maggie Appleton







which was an exciting new development in PD for me – enhanced by Shirley Chan telling us how to involve our students (and ourselves) in visual note taking with some hand tips and tools of implementation.  For example, a visual notetaking blog and a rather nice video for getting started

Other interesting bits and pieces were the talk on library advocacy – using the 6 principles of influence of Cialdini Reciprocity; Commitment (and Consistency); Social Proof; Liking; Authority and Scarcity from a course by Wendy Newman in Edx.

The ongoing genrefication of the non-fiction section.




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