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ETL 501

Print Versus Digital Resources

Farmer (2014) looks at the pros and cons of digital vs physical reference material, summarising that reference material can be in many different formats, reminds us that the TL should consider the school context when making decisions about resource formats and advises that multiple formats could be used.

Farmer suggests criteria for selection could include

  • Access vs. ownership.
  • Degree of access.
  • Ease of use.
  • Features.
  • Need for supporting equipment and staff.
  • Need for timeliness.
  • Stability and archiving requirements.
  • Special needs.
  • Cost.

Human resources are another consideration Farmer suggests. In Australia  human resources, including but not limited to, First Nation information, or other more recent historical experiences – migrants, refugees etc would be invaluable.

Farmer, L. S. J. (2014). Developing resource collectionsChapter 4. In Introduction to reference and informations services in today’s school library [Rowman & Littlefield Publishers version]. Retrieved from

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