Creative Commons – “In that direction,” the Cat said.

Teaching students how to use Creative Commons.

Using images, videos or digital content shared via Creative Common licenses allows you to legally use content in your own work.

Watch this clip as a starting point….

Using the search engine – you can find images covered by Creative Commons licenses that you can use in your projects and assignments, or your blog posts! – it’s easy ….

Firstly lets  IDENTIFY what  you want to find a picture of.  I’m going to look for an image of a Dinosaur.

Lets refine the search using a filter to LOCATE an image … Think more specifically about what type of image you want.

I am specifically looking for an image of Dinosaur bones

EVALUATE the images from the search to find the most relevant image – give it a click and you will find all the info you need to attribute it properly. This means copying the info to share with the image so we can reference the owner of the image. You may need to follow a link to verify the image and it’s licensing, once you’ve done this you can download the image, add the attribution info and APPLY the image in your work … like this …

“The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis” by Dan Keck is licensed under CC CC0 1.0  Public Domain Dedication

REFLECT – why should we use creative commons licensed images?

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