The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

Information and communication 24/7 … Pro’s and Con’s

Work email on my phone.

A constant reminder of the amount of work I need to complete within an inadequate timeframe.

Facebook, a rabbithole I can fall down and waste moment after moment

Mobile phone texts and calls when I am not in the office.

A question, a musing, an argument – ‘I’ll google it’

Children searching for what type of lego they can buy … are there bears or tiger figures?  ‘Hey mum, look we can buy it online here’

It would seem that both our work and our pleasure is now always at our fingertips.

3 negatives …

  • It’s exhausting, inescapable. Those work emails intrude while I watch my daughter dancing.

Switch off. But what if it’s important?

No time to just ‘be’ to be in the moment or to sit quietly in the nothing.

It’s addictive. I can’t stop myself, any free moment I check … email, facebook, instagram, news, it’s all there and I can’t stop myself from looking. It takes me out of real life moments. 

  • Less personal enquiry or reflection, I can just look things up, no need to work things out.
  • I make errors, sometimes I’m answering emails while I distracted by life, autocorrect the destroyer of meaning …

3 positives

  • I am super informed. I can find out anything, anytime. No hesitation, immediate answers
  • I can work while I’m waiting for something … time efficiency.
  • I’m connected, in ways I never could be before.

I can see how my overseas friends are. I can chat with friends that I never have time to call.

I can quickly message ‘I love you’, ‘I’m on the way home’, ‘pour me a wine’.

My children’s teachers share photos of activities on seesaw and as I working mum I feel better. I can facetime upset children to solve the latest dilemma. Far but near, always here.


The challenge is setting our personal limitations. Being mindful of our priorities. But isn’t this case for everything in life?

Balance, self control … I’ll admit I’m still working that human trait out



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