INF537 Digital Futures Colloquium

In this blog I will explore various approaches to the desing, development and uptake of education technologies.

As a learning designer my focus is to deliver innovative approaches for teaching and learning using established and emerging Web 2.0 technologies. I explore, create, and use rapid prototyping design techniques to deliver innovative solutions for post graduate professional development courses.

blooms digital taxonomy

INF537 is an opportunity to participate as a learner using the technologies and tools I integrate into the learning experiences I design.

It is also an opportunity to collaborate with peers to question and explore the implementation of educational technologies, tools and platforms to critically unpack micro and macro challenges in the uptake and use of technologies to support learning.

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  1. Gday Hyacinth,
    How is Vanuatu? I have learnt many things in the INF537 journey from yourself and other students this semester. It has been a challenge developing the skills that you describe, however, as you describe, the opportunity has been valuable and one that will be taken with me in future learning experiences.

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