Knowledge artefacts – Appreciation


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The creation of a knowledge artefact provided an opportunity to situate and apply our investigation into the importance of information curation and personal learning networks (PLNs). Viewing the work of my peers was inspirational and in particular I left comments for three of my peers on the discussion forum after I had viewed all the posted links.

It was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the knowledge artefacts and how each of my peers purposefully designed their artefact to suit a variety of audiences and purposes.

Karen Malbon Digital curation for Senior students

Karen’s knowledge artefact was designed to introduce digital curation to senior students and encourage them to explore various platforms for themselves. Karen’s use of the disorganised wardrobe metaphor was perfectly suited to a teenage audience. I left a comment and suggested to Karen that she might like to create a padlet to invite students to share their findings.

Darren Kay Connectivism and the PLN

Darren’s discussion of the history and relationship of connectivism and the PLN was informative. I suggested to Darren that using EdPuzzle to strategically place questions to check student’s understandings or Vialogues to spark discussions would be a great addition to supporting the use of his knowledge artefact.

Cameron Innes Knowledge artefact for Grade 9 students

Cameron’s PowToon was perfectly pitched for Grade 9 students with a strong narrative element that would engage this age group. I appreciated how the narrative was engaging and educational at the same time.

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