I tweet, honestly

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Twitter is no longer a social media platform that I flirt with. While my followers are growing slowly and steadily, the network of artists, creatives, educators and designers I follow have become essential to my work as a learning designer.They continue to inspire me, keep me informed of events, developments and what is happening in their world.Twitter has become a significant part of my PLN and transformed how I curate and share information. I am also mindful of my “imagined” multiple audiences which Twitter collapses into one audience (i.e. context collapse). While Goffman (cited in Marwick & boyd, 2010, p.123) may equate my behaviour to a “performance”, I propose that authentic self-representation more accurately describes my tweets and is critical to whom I attract. Twitter is the equivalent of coffeehouses in the 1670s. It is the new media “hotbed of collaborative innovation”, the Roman Forum or Greek Agora facilitating the direct sharing of information (Standage, 2013, pp.234, 245). #IloveTwitter

Twitter analytics for @Virtualhyacinth

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Standage, T. (2013). Writing on the wall: Social media the first 2,000 years. London: Bloomsbury.

*Please note that danah boyd prefers to write her name in lowercase.

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