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How to use the CSU Thinkspace Dashboard

The first screen you see when you log into your blog is called the Dashboard.

Your dashboard provide a quick overview of what’s happening with your blog, as well as supplying tools to navigate to other areas of your Administration panel.


Your default Dashboard

The main area of your dashboard is made of your main navigation on the left hand side and This Blog, My Account and Activity modules on the right.

Your Default Dashboard

You can return to the dashboard area of your blog from any page within your administration panel by clicking on the Dashboard menu item at the top of your navigation menu.


Main Navigation Menu

Your navigation menu is on the left side of your Dashboard.

Main Navigation Menu

Hovering your mouse over a menu item displays all the submenu options under that item.

For example, to write a new post hover your mouse over Posts and click on Add New.


Admin Bar

You also have a gray admin bar at the top of your blog and dashboard which you can use to navigate to different areas inside your dashboard.

Admin Bar

To navigate to a new screen just hover over the item in the admin bar and then select the desired option.


Dashboard Modules

The dashboard modules are designed to give you an overview of your blog and account.

These modules can be moved by left mouse clicking on their title, dragging to the new location on your dashboard and then release your mouse button.

Dashboard Modules

You can also expand and collapse these dashboard modules by left mouse clicking on their title bar.


This Blog Module

This Blog module provides a quick overview of your blog title, theme, privacy, and storage space left (for uploading media).

This Blog

Clicking on an option in your This Blog module takes you to that panel where you can update that information. For example, clicking on your current privacy option takes you to Settings > Privacy where you can change your privacy options.


My Account Module

My Account module provides a quick overview of your account such display name, information on the number of blogs you manage, the number of blogs you own, manage or are subscribed to.

My Account

Clicking on an option in My Account module takes you to that panel where you can update that information or manage your account.

For example, clicking on Manage Blogs takes you to Dashboard >My Sites where you can easily manage all pending comments and posts.


Activity Module

The Activity Module displays recently published pots, pages and comments your blog.

Activity Module

Clicking on recently published posts or pages titles allows you to quickly go to the editing window to make changes or updates.

Hovering your mouse over the comments brings up five action links which makes it easy to Approve/Unapprove, Edit, Reply, Mark as Spam, or Trash Comments directly from your dashboard. For example, clicking the Reply action link brings up a form that lets you reply to comments from your dashboard.


Screen Option Button

The Screen Option button located at the top right hand side of your administration panel can be used to customize what is displayed and how it is displayed on that screen.

Screen Option Button

You can use the Screen Option button to change the number of columns and hide modules on your dashboard (when you unselect an item this hides them).

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