May 21

Highly accomplished….I hope so!

I think the Evidence Guide for High-Accomplished teacher Librarians is an excellent document for TLs in ensuring they aim for the standards considered to make a proficient and competent TL. It is a bit overwhelming and daunting when you consider not only the multi-faceted role, but the incredible importance this role plays in a school. This evidence guide will hopefully inform me throughout my study and my work as a TL, and hopefully one day I can hold my head high and say this is what I can do!

I think 2.6 Highly accomplished teachers model high-level teaching knowledge and skills and work with colleagues to use current ICT to improve their teaching practice and make content meaningful and relevant, necessitates a leadership role. I think TLs need to think very carefully of how they can support their teachers in this way. As the nature of teaching is incredibly busy, teachers are time-poor and don’t always engage with PD opportunities provided by the TL. ICT skills or even the basics of engaging with the e-learning and databases available, is something that in the past has been offered by our TL, and it was an opportunity I didn’t embrace because I was overwhelmed with marking and planning. I think we need to approach this with great enthusiasm, consideration and sensitivity to the teaching body and think about how best we can support our teachers.

Many of the standards suggest creating units of work and lesson plans/learning activities. I understand this is part of our role, but as I am currently working as a TL in my school (a secondary school) and teach 3 classes (senior classes!) as part of my combined TL role, I realise how incredibly busy I am going to continue to be. In a perfect world, it would be fabulous if TLs could just focus on the library and promoting digital literacies, ICT skills, e-learning and support our teachers and the curriculum. One day….






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