Knowledge networking in action

Back in September last year I attended a Teachmeet at Oxfam in Carlton. @becspink and I had sneakily signed up for two spots to fulfil our “creative coffee morning” task for INF536. Lewis Allen and Clinton Milroy were there from AITSL to promote the Teacher Feature section of the AITSL website. They wanted to film some teachers for the site and I managed to get myself involved. Luckily I was well-dressed and made-up ready to go out later that evening for my wedding anniversary (21 years, thanks for asking!).

I’d managed to forget all about it till today when going through some survey responses for the video I’m creating for INF532 someone had provided a link for a video they’d uploaded to Teacher Feature. Unfortunately the videos didn’t want to play on the AITSL website but I managed to track them down on Youtube. I was expecting to cringe when I watched myself, I always think I’m stumbling over words and saying way too many umms and ahhs when I’m being recorded, but I was pleasantly surprised (and thank you Lewis for responding so quickly to my request to have my name spelled correctly). Anyway, I’m happy enough to share the video here – what do you think?

If you go to AITSL’s YouTube channel you can see the playlist of videos including those recorded with Bec Spink, Mel Cashen and Leigh Murphy.

Blog task 4

My experience for this task is fully described in this Storify.


I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend Simon and Graham‘s Creative Coffee morning in North Melbourne last Sunday. Their event was much more in the true spirit of the creative coffee morning movement than what Bec and I could manage in 14 minutes at a teachmeet. I do hope Simon and Graham have started a new creative chapter in Melbourne and I look forward to participating again.

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