Digital repositories forum post

I hadn’t planned to post my INF530 Forum responses to this blog but for some reason each time I try to post I get “No data received” and when I reload my post isn’t there. Clicking the back button gave me back what I’d typed but hitting “submit” set off the same cycle again. I will persist but in the meantime I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to put my forum posts here as well…might increase their chances of surviving any Digital Dark Age that occurs!

What do you know or have been able to research about digital repositories e.g. Google Books, Europeana, The Internet Archive?
What steps are taken in your school or institution to work with or manage digital depositories internally or beyond?

I used the Wayback machine (part of the Internet Archive) back in 2010 to find a snapshot of the Hotmail login page from 1998 which was when I first signed up. It was to illustrate a blogpost about how I’d “separated” from Hotmail after an incident where my account was hacked, everyone in my address book sent a dodgy link in an email and my entire address book deleted. Going back to that post today has (ironically) uncovered an example of digital items disappearing as I discovered the illustration no longer showed on the post. Back in 2010 I used Posterous to autopost to my blog via email and guess what? Posterous disappeared in about April last year and my picture with it.
But there’s the beauty of the Wayback machine – I can still access that original snapshot!