Knowledge networking artefact critique

Part of assignment 2 for INF532 is to critique an artefact created by a fellow student for assignment 1, using the assessment rubric criteria as a guide:

  • Demonstrates effective use of digital tool/s for creative knowledge construction
  • Demonstrates an understanding of instructional design and the application of KN theory to the creation of a knowledge networking artefact

My critique is of Simon Kaddissi’s Connected Learning:

Simon has used an iMovie trailer template, where sections of content are punctuated with animated links, to construct his artefact. This tool has been used competently although sometimes the background music either disappeared or competed with the narration. The video grabbed attention at the beginning with exciting music and a range of interesting still images. Further in there was potential for engagement to wane with long sections of narration over single text-based slides. The topic – what is connected learning, and target audience – year 10-12 students, were clearly articulated however I feel the language may be too academic for this level. There was some recall of prior knowledge elicited.

Compelling reasons for engaging in connected learning were articulated, but specific and relatable examples to give students clear steps for┬ámoving forward were lacking. The “tips for getting started” consisted of reading the text on the screen with no further elaboration – what does “be a beacon of light” mean in this context? In the “Frequently Asked Questions” section,┬áthe narration seemed to shift focus from addressing students to addressing teachers.

Simon has produced a competent knowledge networking video demonstrating some use of instructional design theory. It could be improved with more visual variety and a less formal, more conversational script.


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