Get connected with Google+ – a digital artefact

Get connected with Google+ is a short video for teachers promoting the value of using social media for connecting and developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN), showcasing Google+ as one option for a starting point. It can be viewed as a standalone resource but I envisage it being used as an engagement strategy for a face-to-face or online workshop for teachers.

98 teachers responded to my request for input into a survey, either to tweets like this one

or similar requests in Google+ communities, on LinkedIn, Facebook groups and a couple of email lists.

If you were one of those people, thank you very much for your contribution, it was almost overwhelming!

The information shared helped me plan and construct the video and I’ve directly quoted more than twenty people.

The video was created using several freely available tools: Powtoon; Screencastify; Audacity; i-Rig audio recorder; free music from Youtube Creator Studio audio library; royalty-free, no attribution required images from Pixabay, and edited with Windows Moviemaker.

The first version of the video was edited after feedback was sought and received from a number of the original survey respondents – again, if that was you thank you for your time and honesty.

The construction, purpose and effectiveness of the video has been further examined in an exegesis. This document includes a full reference list, links to the summary of survey results and the tools used.

7 thoughts on “Get connected with Google+ – a digital artefact

  1. Heather, what a fabulous artefact. Well done. I enjoyed reading the process. I love discussing connected educator. I will tag a few connected educators with this artefact.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed making the video and learned a lot along the way. Please feel free to share the video with your networks.

  2. Heather, your video is wonderful. Such a great resource for teachers – short, snappy and engaging – it is bound to encourage them to participate.

  3. Great video Heather. I’m going to forward the link to my staff to get them thinking about creating their own PLN.

  4. I thought it was a very professional and clear communication, Heather. I believe Google+ makes lots of sense for connecting and am enjoying it more and more.

  5. Great job Heather. Engaging, not too long and message powerfully delivered. I also recommend Google + as a great communication tool.

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