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My experience for this task is fully described in this Storify.


I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend Simon and Graham‘s Creative Coffee morning in North Melbourne last Sunday. Their event was much more in the true spirit of the creative coffee morning movement than what Bec and I could manage in 14 minutes at a teachmeet. I do hope Simon and Graham have started a new creative chapter in Melbourne and I look forward to participating again.

I have commented on Michele’s post; Simon’s post and Liz’s post.

3 thoughts on “Blog task 4

  1. Heather – another creative way to stimulate discussion about design and learning spaces. At our next LibMeet I plan to book a slot – you have given me another idea – Thanks! Patricia

  2. Heather-
    LOTS of wonderful work here. Even though it wasn’t a the typical creative coffee morning as you were saying, it still did the trick. With all the creative coffee mornings I’ve read so far, almost none of them did the “typical” coffee morning!
    At any rate, your approach to this assignment was much more structured than mine, which I view as a strength on your part. My group got off topic a lot, which was alright, but I wish I had heard more of them talk about design changes in learning spaces.
    Excellent job Heather! I enjoyed reading this.

  3. I can imagine quite a few of your participants know a lot more about seeking creative input than they did before. Even though the group was an education focus cohort, the interaction you would have received must have provided a wealth of creative ideas. I liked the way you and Bec worked collaboratively to achieve what many of us would agree was a successful venture into this assignment. Well done.
    The vast array of meeting of minds in the larger city centres of Australia is amazing. If anything this assignment has opened my eyes to some of the excellent opportunities I need to take advantage of.

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