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Doorley & Witthoft (2012 p.30) impress upon us that space is something that can create an impact on the way we learn, work and play immediately. So, starting with what you have, make a change. In your learning environment, is there an empty space? Find one, take it and transform it, quickly. You might consider making a pop-up learning space from scratch for a short period of time, or adapting an existing space in a small way with the goal of making a difference to learning. Share your ideas or inspiration in the Forum.

What did you change or transform quickly in your learning environment?

The top of a set of plan drawers had become a dumping ground for e-waste and rubbish. Located next to the television in the viewing area of the library it was a mess of old videotapes (redundant as we no longer have a player), the no longer functional video player, various outdated cables; old signs, bits of fabric from old displays and other rubbish. The globe is so old it even shows the USSR!
The unexpected arrival of a 3D printer to be housed and supervised by the library was an opportunity and impetus to turn this space into a 21st century creation station.
The space was cleared and the printer installed.
Next step, add signage and information.
The space in use:
It’s too early judge the impact of this change, the printer only arrived last week and the posters and signage went up today. However, the students have been showing a great deal of interest. They particularly like picking up and playing with the few sample printed items we have provided and I’m sure having something in their hand is helping spark their imagination about what they might be able to produce.

5 thoughts on “Impact of space

  1. A great idea to put the 3D printer in the library. I am sure it will attract a lot of students, always a good thing!

  2. Hi Heather! I am posting for the first INF536 task. I think the library is a great location for a 3D printer. We have one at our school but the teacher responsible for it is a bit protective and wants it in her area. When you are not using the screen in conjunction with the printer could you have examples of what else can be made using the printer or videos of 3D printers in use?

  3. An interesting comment about where 3D printers get put in schools! Ours is one of three purchased by the parents association at the request of the principal. He and the IT manager chose our library, the library at the senior campus, and the arts/technology facility on a third site deliberately so they (apart from the third one) did not get seen as belonging to any one curriculum area. It was also felt that library staff were in a good position to oversee their use. All this planning went on without any input from me but I’m very happy with the result.
    I’d love to be screening all kinds of things on the tv when it’s not in use for other things but at this stage I don’t have a computer or device that I can dedicate to it…

  4. Hi Heather,
    It is really interesting the imapct that your simple change of space ie your 3D printer, has and will make to you and your staff. How are the staff utilizing this space with their students as a learning environment? We have a very active VET college in the WA Murchison region that has implemented a 3D printer for the trades’ area primarily, currently it is used to recreate samples of small tooling, but the opportunities are endless. Again they have housed it in the library so that it belongs to no specific department.
    I would love to hear how flexible this area will have to become to accommodate your various learning area bookings!

  5. Wow, I’m still awaiting delivery of my printers. You have found a space for your in a very clever fashion. Will post on my solution when I have them set up.
    We certainly live in interesting times.

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