Going viral

I published my digital essay on Storify on Sunday afternoon and publicised the fact on Twitter and through the subject forums. By Monday night Storify showed that it had had around 50 views. Like me, I imagined most of the other INF530 students were eagerly reading the work of their fellow students as it became available.

On Tuesday morning I found this tweet notification

Wow, Robin Good is like the content curation guru! Somehow he’d come across my essay and posted it onto his Scoop.it page along with a critique. He gave it 7/10 which I’ll take! I flicked to the essay and found it had been viewed more than 500 times.

More tweets followed:

Bec was prompted to send this tweet:

By this stage the number of views of my essay was approaching 2000. But still the tweets came:

Right now there have been 3455 views in about three days. That’s nearly as many views as my personal blog has had in three and a half years.

I sure hope it is favourably assessed when the time comes. I’d hate to think all those people were reading academically inferior work.

Viral. Who’d a thunk it!

UPDATE February 14, 2018

As of today there have been a staggering 78,817 views of my essay. I do so love our connected learning world! However, Storify is closing down so the digital essay has been moved to Wakelet.

Image showing number of views (78,817) of the digital essay on storify

7 thoughts on “Going viral

  1. Hi Heather,

    Viral indeed…I have seen more tweets today!

    I do not think your work is academically inferior, I am sure you will receive a good mark! Obviously the amount of reads proves why curation is so important for teaching and learning!

    Awesome work,


  2. Go heather! The power of connecting and learning WITH each other. Have just spent 2 days at #edutech hearing this and ur experience is showing this. Who cares what mark u get when u can see ur ideas have hit a chord with so many people!!

    • Thanks Jo, this experience has been really quite exciting, but nothing like the buzz of connecting at an event like #edutech. I got to go last year, it was awesome – looks like this year was great too, the twitter stream was certainly lively.
      And you’re right, the actual mark is not important (so long as it’s a pass!) – making connections with people is what it’s all about.

  3. Congratulations on a fascinating essay, Heather. Great topic and fabulous coverage of all of the aspects. My apologies on not getting back to you re Curation Nation (it was not worth including in your essay), but my health has had me hanging on to getting through work/study by the skin of my teeth .
    I have noted all of your links for future reference and WOW…love your use of social media. Big congrats on going viral. If that is not an outstanding example of what INF530 is about, I don’t know what is.

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