Digital essay proposal

Proposal topic

Curation as a tool for teaching and learning


As a teacher-librarian I have been curating information through the informed selection of resources for the collection since pre-digital times, although back then I would have called it “collection development” or simply “selection”. Fast forward to the development of the world wide web and the information explosion of web 2.0, and in an attempt to continue to use my selection skills to resource the curriculum I have switched my focus to the selection and sharing of online resources through a variety of curation platforms.

I’d like to develop my knowledge and understanding of the research around curation and it’s place in the development and embodiment of information and digital literacy. I want to explore how curation can be used as both a teaching tool and learning tool for students and teachers alike.

Proposed digital tools and/or spaces to be used

As this is an essay about curation I am very tempted by the aptness of using a curation platform such as or Storify to present this essay. I plan to prepare the content before making a final decision as I think the appropriate platform will become clear when I better understand what is to be presented. If a curation platform turns out to be unsuitable I will use Weebly to create a website.

250 word rationale for topic focus for the multi-modal essay

“The importance of the teacher librarian is intrinsically linked to effective and responsive information curation and dissemination in distributed environments within and beyond the school.” O’Connell (2011)

“Curation, as an approach to bringing digital and media literacy competencies into the classroom, can help build meaningful teaching and learning approaches for today’s participatory media landscape.” Mihailidis, P., & Cohen, J. N. (2013) p.15.

Moving beyond the library and the role of the teacher-librarian the essay will explore curation as a means of making sense of the information flow and how it is thus an important activity for all learners. It will explore curation in the context of information literacy, digital literacy, information fluency and open, social and participatory media, and examine activities such as peer critiquing, user-generated content, collective aggregation and community formation (Conole).

The essay will explore how curation tools and activities can be used to develop skills, competencies and dispositions outlined in documents such as The Open University Digital and Information Literacy Framework (n.d.), and examine their value for teachers and students alike. It will also examine a range of tools used for curation and compare features looking critically at their value in education.



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  1. Hi Heather,

    Glad to see you got your proposal sorted. Curation is a great topic, looking forward to reading the final product.


  2. This sounds great – clear and contained, and also very relevant to the TL role. I agree with you about seeing how it pans out before completely committing to a publication tool. I was also delighted with the speed of reply back from Judy. Now we have some serious work to keep us out of mischief!

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