weekly report

Title: Ransomware, and cybersecurity attacks  detection

Week 3 progress report

Week No:3 Date: 10/08/2020
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
 The purpose of the current stage is to develop the  plan for the project. This includes defining problem and also defining the methodology of the project  The stage will be set for planning of the project with defining different stages of the project and their expected time schedule for completion.  The plan has been prepared for the project.  
Description Date Action/Results Finished(y/n)



Author: gurdeepmaan7446

I am Gurdeep Singh Maan and I have completed my bachelor’s in India. Currently, I am following the Master of Information Technology. I wanted to choose this topic as I have followed the DDoS, Ransomware, and cyber security attacks and detection . I was really interested in this topic

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