Introduced to Google+

Thank you Lee-Ellen Franks (@LelliSaid) for introducing me to Google+ as a tool with which to develop my personal learning network – I have not explored Google+ before.

The artefact provides a conceptual introduction to various elements of knowledge networking theory: knowledge networks -> personal learning networks -> connected educators. By progressively linking these the audience (educators) are able to form a basic cohesive understanding of the theory and are given an understanding of the application of these concepts – by learning of the benefits of developing a personal learning network (PLN).

The design and development of the artefact are clearly articulated for the intended audience. Educators are engaged through contextualising  a real-world problem and existing scenario (our tech savvy students and their connected world which distracts them).  This is followed by a presentation of new knowledge (introduction to PLNs and development of a PLN with Google+) and an opportunity to practise related skills and integrate this into their knowledge base (exploring Google+). The artefact clearly demonstrates a developing understanding of instructional design in the creation of this knowledge networking artefact.

Powtoon is a very appropriate choice for creating the artefact and the product demonstrates a sophisticated use of the tool. The presentation is lively and up-beat, with clear presentation of the textual elements.

The content delivers not only an introduction and application of  knowledge networking theory, but a compact introduction to Google+, providing clear instructions on how to use the tool and which benefits it has for teachers.

I enjoyed watching this artefact and now have a clear idea of what Google+ is and how I can utilise it in development of my PLN.

As ideas for possible improvement of the artefact I would suggest:

1.) considering reducing the number of elements in the artefact – for example removing the part on digital skill development which is not of primary importance to the stated topic, as well as

2.) considering adding narration to some parts of the artefact to add an audio element to the textual elements, thereby adding variation and catering for different learning styles.