Communities of Practice – an audio reflection

As part of Module 2 of INF537 we are invited to think about Communities of Practice (CoP)…. Here I share my “thoughts and experiences with ‘Communities of practice’ – theory and real life observations” in a podcast (since the 1:30 on flipgrid was way to short).

Communities of practice must be one of the oldest forms of social learning around. Etienne Wenger and his co-authors and associates provide us with a useful definition and framework with which to describe and investigate CoPs. In the podcast embedded below, I discuss my understanding of this form of social learning and investigate the extent to which a Facebook group for school librarians: Int’l Library Connection functions as a CoP.

Listen to my reflection here… This is my first attempt at creating a podcast, part of my personal challenge during INF537 to be a participatory learner and share my thoughts as a connected learner.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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2 thoughts on “Communities of Practice – an audio reflection

  1. Gretha,
    I have learnt a lot about Communities of Practice from your podcast. I think you have done an excellent study of the definition of a Community of Practice and I love how you have unpacked an example such as your Teacher Librarian FB group. It’s an excellent example. Thank you for being such an awesome role model in this course!
    Fiona Jostsons

    • Hi Fiona. Thank you for listening! I feel quite brave to have tried a podcast. I feel horrified at how old and stilted my voice sounds. I also think the tone of the podcast is too formal, but that may be because I first typed up the whole thing and then basically read it out. It is also too long. Do you also tend to be critical of your own work? Or is it just me?

      This study session started while I still have a couple of weeks of summer holiday, so I jumped right in to get as much done as possible before the school year starts. Since I have a bit more time than usual, I decide to really try and be a participatory open learner and be as transparent about my learning as possible. I wonder how I will feel about all of this once I am done… thanks again for listening and commenting, I am learning how “social” learning is!

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